ANNOUNCE: Amavis project handed over to new project leaders

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Tue Oct 9 19:46:01 CEST 2018

Greetings all the patient attendees of this ML and users of Amavis,

I'll skip my apologies for being unresponsive for the past two years,
there's not enough room in this mail message :)  My interests,
duties and priorities have shifted, and amavisd was running smoothly
at our site (still is), so there was less pressure on me actively
maintaining it, and not enough time to keep an eye on the mailing

There have been suggestions and offerings to move Amavis to some
public repository. So far I have been evading them, but now I
received an offer I cannot refuse: Patrick Ben Koetter has offered
to move the project to such platform and take the lead (at least
initially) on reviving the project and coordinating it. I know Ben
personally, he is one of the two authors of The Book of Postfix,
and uses Amavis in his professional life too, so I think the
project will be in good hands.

I'm wrapping a couple of minor changes that have accumulated
since the release 2.11.0, and produce a minor patch release 2.11.1
(to be announced in my next mail).

For the sake of preserving historical continuity from very early
versions of amavis: the shell scripted one (see Wikipedia on
Amavis), to amavis-perl, then amavis-0.3, my early patch releases
and lastly as amavisd-new, I have collected all these versions
in a historically correct timeline, and we agreed with Patrick
that this can represent the initial Amavis git repository.

I'm leaving the realization of this repository and the choice of
hosting ( to his capable hands (and his colleagues).
Details to be announced later.


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