Amavis project handed over to new project leaders

Ralph Seichter m16+amavis at
Tue Oct 9 20:16:33 CEST 2018

On 09.10.18 19:46, Mark Martinec wrote:

> Greetings all the patient attendees of this ML and users of Amavis

Ah, the man himself. ;-) Thank you for reacting to my inquiry. I can
understand that priorities can shift, and I want to personally thank
you for all the work you put into amavisd-new until today.

> I'm wrapping a couple of minor changes that have accumulated since
> the release 2.11.0, and produce a minor patch release 2.11.1

Thanks. makes no mention of a fix
for the DKIM signing bug, so I am guessing that's one of the issues to
be addressed in the future?


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