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R M Crorie robincrorie.amavis.org at crorie.com
Thu May 3 19:32:00 CEST 2018

I've been using amavis-new for a number of years as the front end to 
Exim 4 very successfully but I've recently noted in my Exim log that 
some messages are being "bounced" when Exim tries to pass them to 
amavis-new.  The log message is:

utf8 support required but not offered for forwarding

That log entry is of course coming from Exim, but the log entry also 
makes it clear that this is occurring when the message is being 
transferred to amavis for scanning, via the Exim router and transport.  
I know - I've checked! - that Exim is offering UTF8 support but 
TELNETing to the loopback address on port 10024 on the mail server shows 
that although amavis is offering 8-bit MIME support, it doesn't mention 
UTF8 support.  It could be that this is a config problem that has always 
existed, and I've just not noticed until now, or perhaps something has 
changed in Exim and/or amavis.  Either way, it means that valid messages 
are being rejected.

In the short term, I'd like to fix this without turning off UTF8 support 
in Exim by setting smtputf8_advertise_hosts to NULL but in the absence 
of an easy fix in the amavis config, I'm happy to fall back to that, as 
I don't expect to receive (m)any messages using UTF8.  However, I can't 
track down any existing useful advice about UTF8 support in amavis 
/(other than that "It is best to run amavisd-new in a non-UTF8 locale 
environment"! :-) )/ so I'd appreciate suggestions.

Version in use is 2.8.1-11.1-x86_64...  thanks.

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