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Nick Leverton nick at leverton.org
Fri May 4 11:12:20 CEST 2018

In article <964b3a09-ae26-a8d9-14d9-2cec901d93d4 at crorie.com>,
R M Crorie  <robincrorie.amavis.org at crorie.com> wrote:
>I've been using amavis-new for a number of years as the front end to 
>Exim 4 very successfully but I've recently noted in my Exim log that 
>some messages are being "bounced" when Exim tries to pass them to 
>amavis-new.  The log message is:
>utf8 support required but not offered for forwarding
>Version in use is 2.8.1-11.1-x86_64...  thanks.

A quick search suggests that the SMTPUTF8 extension was added in Amavis
2.10, you may need to upgrade to get support of RFC6531 internationalised
MAIL/RCPT addresses.


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