false positives, tagged_above=0, and spam threshold

David Newman dnewman at networktest.com
Mon Aug 27 21:40:34 CEST 2018

On 8/25/18 7:05 PM, David Newman wrote:

>> The SQL lookup result is 0, and SA required_score for tagging is then 0. Perhaps, something is wrong with values in your SQL policy table, wrong data type? 

Again answering my own post: After a lot of searching, I found reports
of a previously known type-conversion bug in the Perl DBD-MySQL module
(aka p5-DBD-mysql on FreeBSD):



This explains why user amavisd gets correct results in the MySQL client
but iRedMail lookups get incorrect (0) results via the p5-DBD-mysql module.

This was fixed, and then reverted. Arrrgh.

My options are these:

1. Revert to the old p5-DBD-mysql-4.037 module, the last version not to
have the type-conversion bug. I have verified that this version does not
have the type-conversion bug, and returns expected values from MySQL
lookups. However, this is a quite old version (current on FreeBSD is
4.046) and has several other security vulnerabilities.

2. Switch away from MySQL or MariaDB to PostgreSQL, which are also
supported by iRedMail. It also supports OpenLDAP, but's that's not an
option for me as I don't know it. I am hardly an SQL expert, and even
switching between SQL databases is something like changing engines on a
jet airline while it's in the air.

3. Stay on the current broken 4.046 module and live with a some false

4. Try to patch the current version and hope the patch doesn't break
something else. And then re-patch for every version bump until it gets
fixed upstream.

None of these options are ideal. Which would you recommend?



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