false positives, tagged_above=0, and spam threshold

David Newman dnewman at networktest.com
Sun Aug 26 04:05:44 CEST 2018

On 8/25/18 8:46 AM, Dusan Obradovic wrote:

> The default global required_score is defined in amavisd.conf:
> $sa_tag2_level_deflt = 6.2;
> Your SQL policy for email @. (catch all) overrides sa_tag2_level value:
> lookup_sql_field(spam_tag2_level) rec=1, "user0 at example.com" result: "0"
> The SQL lookup result is 0, and SA required_score for tagging is then 0. Perhaps, something is wrong with values in your SQL policy table, wrong data type? 

Hi Dusan,

I did a fresh install of iRedMail on another VM and ran 'describe
<tablename>' on all the tables in the amavisd database, both for this
new VM and the production mail server giving me tagging problems.

Both machines' table structures are identical with one minor exception:
In the maddr table, the last two rows (domain and email_raw) are in the
reverse order on the new VM. The data types and all other columns are

Also, on the production machine, the MySQL command 'select
spam_tag2_level from policy' returns 6, not 0, which is exactly how it's
configured from the iRedMail GUI.

Two questions about this:

1. MySQL returns '6' and not '6.0' even though the data type is float.
When I change to '6.1' in the GUI, MySQL returns '6.1' as expected.
Going back to '6.0' in the GUI causes MySQL to return '6' again.

Is this a problem? And

2. If this isn't an issue (and I presume it's not, since neither of
these numbers is 0), is there some other place I should look for the
source of that 0 result?



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