amavisd-new cpu always 100%

Asif Iqbal vadud3 at
Fri Feb 24 06:05:31 CET 2017

Hi All

I am using postfix 2.6.6 on centos 6 with amavisd-new and my amavisd-new
has been 100% cpu all day.

Any suggestion where to look to reduce performance? I have 2 cpus and I am
using max_servers = 2 and
bypassed virus check and bypass_decode_parts set to 1. Still it is showing
100% cpu on 1 cpu and load
is only 1. However it is super slow to response to type.

I am connected to it through unix socket as it is running on the same
server as postfix

Short from moving it off to another server, is there any other option to
reduce the cpu usage of amavisd-new?

Thanks for your help

Asif Iqbal
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