Rejecting only clamav Structured.CreditCardNumber

Alex mysqlstudent at
Tue Feb 21 04:59:25 CET 2017


I have clamav+spamassassin set up with amavisd-2.11.0 on fedora25 and
would like to implement the data loss prevention capabilities.

We have currently configured the system to quarantine messages tagged
as spam by spamassassin or viruses by clamav.

Is there any way it would be possible to send a bounce or reject
message back to the sender only when a credit card number is detected,
and not quarantine the message with the credit card number in it?

We currently have amavisd set up to filter the messages post-queue, so
the message is already fully received before amavisd gets access to

I'm using it with postfix - perhaps there's a way to do this with postfix?


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