DSPAM Integration

amavisdmailing at endless.co.uk amavisdmailing at endless.co.uk
Mon Feb 13 19:00:07 CET 2017

On 13/02/2017 17:33, barry.wimlett at endless.co.uk wrote:
> So I did a further dig
> I replaced my dspam binary with a shell script
> #!/bin/sh
> echo 'tee dspam.in | dspam '$@' | tee dspam.out' > /tmp/dspam.cmd
> tee /tmp/dspam.in | dspamx $@ | tee /tmp/dspam.out
> Turns out the autolearn process doesn't get passed back the headers 
> dspam added in its result, when the autolearn is called.
> Oddly the advice was to ensure SpamAssassin was the last entry on the 
> scam_scanners list, to ensure it got the headers added by DSPAM, so SA 
> does get the DSPAM headers, but the auto-learn proccess doesn't. :(
> Guess I'm gonna have to learn some perl and work out wtf is going on.
> While I applaud the concept of making amavisd more generic with the 
> spam_scanners etc. for the love of god don't do it such a way that it 
> breaks current features such as dspam support.
> BA

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