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amavisdmailing at endless.co.uk amavisdmailing at endless.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 19:32:01 CET 2017

So I recently did a bunch of upgrades when I discovered that my DSPAM 
integration needed some realignment.

I currently have the following

new spam-scanners setting in my amavisd.conf

@spam_scanners = (
['DSPAM', 'Amavis::SpamControl::ExtProg', $dspam,
[ qw(--stdout --process --deliver=innocent,spam --mode=tum
--tokenizer=chained,noise --user), $daemon_user ],
learn_ham => [ qw(--class=innocent --source=error --user), $daemon_user ],
learn_spam => [ qw(--class=spam --source=error --user), $daemon_user ],
mail_body_size_limit => 64000, score_factor => 0.1,
['SpamAssassin', 'Amavis::SpamControl::SpamAssassin' ]

Which is getting me the following log entries

Feb  8 16:46:54 death amavis[12497]: (12497-08) Checking: PoWVVtEZIQzZ 
[] <Liam.Mannion at rullion.co.uk> -> 
<barry.wimlett at endless.co.uk>
Feb  8 16:46:54 death amavis[12497]: (12497-08) p002 1 Content-Type: 
Feb  8 16:46:54 death amavis[12497]: (12497-08) p001 1/1 Content-Type: 
text/html, 7bit, size: 4141, SHA1 digest: 
Feb  8 16:46:55 death amavis[12497]: (12497-08) DSPAM result: 
Innocent\r, score=-0.100, sig=589b4b7f171141540518149\r
Feb  8 16:46:58 death amavis[12497]: (12497-08) SpamControl: scanner 
DSPAM, auto-learn as ham / -0.921 (was: innocent\r / -0.100)
Feb  8 16:46:58 death dspam[17118]: Unable to find a valid signature. 
Feb  8 16:46:58 death dspam[17118]: process_message returned error -5.  
dropping message.

I *suspect* that the extraneous '\rs' are confusing amavis string 
recognition for 'ham vs spam' 'spam vs innocent'; and then also causing 
the signature to be unrecognised.

If I manually enter a dspam command-line with source=error something 
like this
dspam --stdout --debug --user vscan --source=error 
--signature=5899e56780281410093335 --class=innocent

It all seems to work... I also notice that other mailing-list users also 
have the extra '/r's in the postings

Also I notice that the spam_scanners has zero means of instructing the 
learn_ham or lean_spam what the signature is. Is there a syntax I can 
use to wrapper --signature=X-DSPAM-Signature to make it meaningful ?



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