Sender notifications - disable? customize?

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Sun Nov 27 08:34:44 CET 2016

I don't think there is a way to check what the current active settings are
for amavisd-new (nothing like postconf -n) - including all defaults -
unfortunately. We can of course check our own settings with something
like: grep -r "warn" /etc/amavis/conf.d|grep -v "\s*#"

The defaults that I am aware of are:

$warnbannedsender = undef;
$warnbadhsender   = undef;
$warn_offsite     = undef;
$warnvirusrecip   = undef;
$warnbannedrecip  = undef;
$warnbadhrecip    = undef;

I presume this means there are no warnings issued unless these variables
are set explicitly, and this isn't the case with ubuntu (or I think debian)
standard installations? Are you sure that warnings are being issued by
amavisd-new on your system?

On 26 November 2016 at 22:44, MRob <mrobti at> wrote:

> Are there best practices advice about sender notifications?
> Looks like default is to have notifications ("warnings?") enabled for
> attachments with banned file extensions. Doesn't this risk backscatter
> problems when sender address is forged?
> I cannot find a way to disable them - tried setting these all to 0 but no
> luck: $warnbadhsender $warnbannedsender $warn_offsite
> I'm having a very hard time finding documentation on any of those
> settings, what exactly they do - where can I find that?
> Also, is there a place to customize the message body (and possibly
> headers) for these notifications ("warnings?")?
> Thank you for your great product.
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