amavisd-new regression suite

Benning, Markus ich at
Mon Mar 14 08:32:54 CET 2016

On 2016-03-14 04:06, C.J. Collier wrote:
> I'm doing a quick review of the amavisd source here:
> First of all, is there an online repository upstream of this one that
> I should be using instead?  The only thing I could find was the static
> release .tar.xz files referenced here:
> I would like to make some changes to address some or all of the issues
> raised by perlcritic:
>> cjac at hype0:/usr/src/git/alioth/pkg-amavisd-new$ perlcritic amavisd |
>> wc -l
>> 288
> But I'm afraid that I will break things if I just go hacking around in
> there.  I would expect there to be a rather extensive set of tests in
> the t/ directory for a project of this size.  I'm happy to contribute
> some if they don't exist.  I just want to have a bit of a safety net
> to fall back on.

Unfortunately there is no public source code repository which could be 
to directly contribute to amavisd-new.

I recently created a repository from the tar balls at:

It could be used to collect patches from this mailling list an others.



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