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Here's what I'm doing with amavis-new: 

I have a dedicated server that I rent running Debian 7.9.  The MTA in
question is Postfix 2.9.2 and has been configured to run email through
Amavis. How to do that I gleaned from many different "How To" web pages
scattered across the internet.

I've also installed SpamAssassin, dcc, razeor2 and clam-av.

The question that has come up for me is how do I tell if Amavis is
actually paying attention to SpamAssassin (or even invoking it)?

This question has crossed my mind for several reasons:

1) when I've used SpamAssassin in the past I used to see a header added
(a few actually) something along the lines of X-Spam-Score: X.XX where
X.XX was the score SpamAssassin assigned to the email.  This was handy
when I was using procmail filters to filter incoming emails.  

2) I've been questioning if the SpamAssassin BAYES is actually working
since I'm seeing the same sort of subject lines come through day in and
day out as if SpamAssassin wasn't scoring them as SPAM. 

I'll leave it there for now since that's going to be enough to chew

I'm a bit upset that I didn't actually take notes of what I've done
getting this all to work.  If I had I could create a HOW-TO of my own to
put on a blog I run so others could learn...


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