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> OK,
> Here's what I'm doing with amavis-new:
> I have a dedicated server that I rent running Debian 7.9.  The MTA in
> question is Postfix 2.9.2 and has been configured to run email through
> Amavis. How to do that I gleaned from many different "How To" web pages
> scattered across the internet.
> I've also installed SpamAssassin, dcc, razeor2 and clam-av.
> The question that has come up for me is how do I tell if Amavis is
> actually paying attention to SpamAssassin (or even invoking it)?
> This question has crossed my mind for several reasons:
> 1) when I've used SpamAssassin in the past I used to see a header added
> (a few actually) something along the lines of X-Spam-Score: X.XX where
> X.XX was the score SpamAssassin assigned to the email.  This was handy
> when I was using procmail filters to filter incoming emails.
> 2) I've been questioning if the SpamAssassin BAYES is actually working
> since I'm seeing the same sort of subject lines come through day in and
> day out as if SpamAssassin wasn't scoring them as SPAM.
> I'll leave it there for now since that's going to be enough to chew
> on.
> I'm a bit upset that I didn't actually take notes of what I've done
> getting this all to work.  If I had I could create a HOW-TO of my own to
> put on a blog I run so others could learn...

Set $sa_debug in your amavisd.conf to an appropriate level.  Then amavis 
will log what it's doing, SA wise.  I also set $log_level=2 in my 
amavisd.conf, which provides additional info.



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