logging problem: logging to both /var/log/amavisd.log and to /var/log/messages

David Gessel gessel at blackrosetech.com
Thu Jul 17 04:36:36 CEST 2014

Amavisd is logging to both the intended /var/log/amavisd.log and to
/var/log/messages, where it dominates the logs to a degree that makes
catching other issues more difficult.

My relevant config is:

 $log_level = 0;              # verbosity 0..5, -d  SET TO ZERO NORMALLY
 $log_recip_templ = undef;    # disable by-recipient level-0 log entries
 $do_syslog = 1;              # log via syslogd (preferred)
 $syslog_facility = 'local0';   # Syslog facility as a string
           # e.g.: mail, daemon, user, local0, ... local7
 # below is an attempt to keep amavisd from logging to messages
 # $LOGFILE = "/var/log/amavisd.log";

Note that I get the same results whether $LOGFILE =
"/var/log/amavisd.log"; is commented out or not.  Setting  $do_syslog =
0; prevents amavisd from starting.

The optimal outcome would be for all messages to be logged to
/var/log/amavisd.log, but I've run out of google guidance.  The double
logging has me a bit perplexed.


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