amavis not calling my own antivirus

Zenon via amavis-users amavis-users at
Fri Nov 29 22:25:16 CET 2013

thanks for your answer. Il was the good way and I definitively fix the 
issue with

$virus_check_negative_ttl=  0; # time to remember that mail was not infected
$virus_check_positive_ttl= 0; # time to remember that mail was infected&

thanks a lot

Le 28/11/2013 19:59, tejas sarade a écrit :
> More likely reason is that Amavis maintains it own cache of mail scan
> result to improve performance.
> As per the changelog from  Amavis 2.7.0 this functionality has been
> disabled. But the manual page still mention about the caching of result.
> If you are using older versions add the following scalar in amavisd.conf
> $enable_global_cache = 0;
> There are also other parameters important regarding this.
> $enable_db = 0;
> comment the $db_home parameter, delete the db files $MYHOME/db directory
> and restart amavisd
> At least one of the above solution should work.
> On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 8:13 PM, Zenon via amavis-users
> <amavis-users at <mailto:amavis-users at>> wrote:
>  >
>  > hi,
>  > I have written my own (very basic) antivirus and amavis has to call
> my antivirus. It works nicely but if I send again the same email (with
> the same body), amavis is not calling my antivirus and delivers
> automatically the email.
>  > It seems that after a lot of minutes, amavis resets this behaviour
> and calls  again the antivirus. Does it exist an option in amavis to
> bypass and to always send the email to my antivirus ?
>  > Thanks for your tips,

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