amavis not calling my own antivirus

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More likely reason is that Amavis maintains it own cache of mail scan
result to improve performance.
As per the changelog from  Amavis 2.7.0 this functionality has been
disabled. But the manual page still mention about the caching of result.
If you are using older versions add the following scalar in amavisd.conf
$enable_global_cache = 0;

There are also other parameters important regarding this.
$enable_db = 0;
comment the $db_home parameter, delete the db files $MYHOME/db directory
and restart amavisd

At least one of the above solution should work.

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 8:13 PM, Zenon via amavis-users <
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> hi,
> I have written my own (very basic) antivirus and amavis has to call my
antivirus. It works nicely but if I send again the same email (with the
same body), amavis is not calling my antivirus and delivers automatically
the email.
> It seems that after a lot of minutes, amavis resets this behaviour and
calls  again the antivirus. Does it exist an option in amavis to bypass and
to always send the email to my antivirus ?
> Thanks for your tips,
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