How does one enable AMaViS debugging for SpamAssassin with minimal interruption in a production environment?

Ben Johnson ben at
Thu Jan 10 22:38:28 CET 2013

I have a need to enable AMaViS's SpamAssassin debugging facilities on a
production server (i.e., "amavisd -d dns,uri,uridnsbl debug-sa").

How is this done with minimal interruption to amavis, and mail delivery,

I have tried starting amavisd-new with "amavisd-new debug-sa", but the
process appears to terminate after the first message is processed:

Jan 10 13:31:16.970 /usr/sbin/amavisd-new[14043]: (14043-01)
Requesting process rundown after 1 tasks (and 1 sessions)
Jan 10 13:31:16.971 /usr/sbin/amavisd-new[14043]: (14043-01)
extra modules loaded: unicore/lib/gc_sc/, unicore/lib/gc_sc/
Jan 10 13:31:16.972 /usr/sbin/amavisd-new[14043]: (14043-01)
Net::Server: 2013/01/10-13:31:16 Server closing!

Presumably, this is by design.

If there is a better means by which to achieve the objective, I'm all ears.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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