SA scoring per policy bank

Alexander Wirt formorer at
Fri Jan 11 21:35:06 CET 2013

On Thu, 10 Jan 2013, Kiss Gabor (Bitman) wrote:

> Dear folks,
> Is it possible to skip/modify some SA rules depending on policy bank?
> Our amavisd serves multiple MTA-s. I want decrease score of
> SA test DOS_OUTLOOK_TO_MX to 0 if mail submitted on a specific MTA
> that has lot of Outlook clients.
It is a little bit tricky - but possible. You can load a user score file in
the policybank that includes other scores:

sa_userconf_maps => [ { '.' => '/path/to/youruserscorefile' } ],

by default you can only use thise file for scores. If you want to add other
rules you need to set "allow_user_rules 1" in (or any other .cf in

Hope this helps.


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