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> > If you are referring to a debug log line "Spam-tag, ...", it is now
> > logged at log level 3 starting with 2.7.0.  Previously it was a
> > "SPAM-TAG, ...", logged at level 2. I suggest not to bother with this
> > debug line.
> But the missing "Spam-tag, ..." line breaks some reporting tools, like
> amavis- logwatch and amavislogsumm (in log_level 2), which depend on the
> information in that line. If I change the default log template, they won't
> recognize the SpamAssassin test results.
> What was the reason to not log the line on log_level 2 any longer?

The reason was twofold: I tried to avoid a potential trademark issue
with a spelling "SPAM" (hence lowercasing it); and while at it, I dropped
its log level from 2 to 3 to reduce the redundant clutter at level 2,
as the list of SA tests can be (and often is) already included in the
main log line (at log level 0), avoiding the need to log at 2.

> And is there a way to have the Spam-tag line in log_level 2 again?

Try the attached trivial patch (on 2.7.0). It brings it back to level 2,
but also further lowercases the word. Do the log analyzer still
recognize it even if fully lowercased? If so, I guess I can put it back
in this form.

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