Spam-tag log line

Stefan Jakobs stefan at
Mon Jan 30 14:07:47 CET 2012

Mark Martinec:
[ ... ]
> > And is there a way to have the Spam-tag line in log_level 2 again?
> Try the attached trivial patch (on 2.7.0). It brings it back to level 2,
> but also further lowercases the word. Do the log analyzer still
> recognize it even if fully lowercased?

Thanks for the patch. The lowercased 'spam-tag' works without change with 
amavislogsumm. amavis-logwatch will need a small patch, but I'm positive that 
Mike will accept it.

> If so, I guess I can put it back in this form.

If that's possible, that would be great.

Thanks a lot.

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