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Wed Jan 18 18:57:40 CET 2012

--On January 17, 2012 8:44:16 PM +0100 Mark Martinec 
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> Quanah,
>> Can you make this available on the website?  As a heavy user
>> of Amavis I would love to get to see what is new and to start seeing how
>> it does vs 2.7.0 in our lab.
> Done:
> It is functionally very close to 2.7.0, but the source code diff is huge
> due to numerous small code changes and optimizations, which is why
> I chose to go with a version bump. I spent a lot of time with NYTProf
> profiler, so if one is using amavisd without SpamAssassin, a few percent
> speedup can be observed (with SA, the SA check is the slowest part
> so any speedups on the amavisd side are just diluted). Btw, if using
> SpamAssassin from trunk (3.4), a not-too-old checkout is required,
> supporting passing of a message as a string reference (instead of
> a string copy). There is no incompatibility with SpamAssassin 3.3
> or older.
> Should be compatible with 2.7.0 config and environment.
> The altermime/mimedefang interface is untested.
> Should work reliably, used in production at two or three sites,
> but is not yet close to a release, as some features are still missing
> or are unpolished.

Thank you Mark!  The altermime portion of things is something I'm curious 
to look at, so I will see how things behave. ;)


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