unchecked_lovers_maps in sql READMEs

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at ijs.si
Mon Feb 27 21:30:00 CET 2012


> Here's a diff with some other changes that should make people's lives
> easier with Pg.  Some of these are obvious omissions, some are things
> that were required for the sqhema to load correctly, and some or just
> preferences or clarifications...  This includes the previously
> discussed fix.

I finally came around to merge your changes with my current contents.
Attached is my current version.

I think the only significant thing I left out from your change
was adding of UNIQUE to msgs.mail_id.  This field is not necessarily
unique. What is unique is a concatenation of partition_tag and mail_id
in that table, which is already covered by CONSTRAINT and PRIMARY KEY.

Thanks for the update.

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