Clearing contents_category from a custom hook?

Jacob d Andrade jacob at
Tue Feb 28 10:30:36 CET 2012


I've written a custom whitelist-hook in the custom's file, where a whitelist-file is 
loaded, and matched against both body and envelope from addresses. 

( I know that a whitelist metodh is only supposed to match against the envelope 
address, but then I'd just as well use amavis' own whitelist function, but since it's 
an requirement from the users that they can whitelist both body and envelope 
addresses, I have to do it this way )

But in the case, where there is a banned file attached to an email from a whitelisted 
address, the email is banned anyway.

I'd like to reset the contents_category to CC_CLEAN in the case where my own whitelist 
has cleared the email. Is that possible?

I'm able to get the current status of the email from per_recip_data and 
contents_category, where I can see that the email has been flagged in CC_CLEAN and 
CC_BANNED ( 1 and 8 ).

thanks for a nice piece of software :-)

kind regards

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