'X-Envelope-From' missing in 2.7.0 ?

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at ijs.si
Thu Feb 2 17:26:33 CET 2012


> > There is a Return-Path header field with exactly the same
> > contents as X-Envelope-From had. The former is a standard
> > header field for this purpose, the later was redundant.
> Hi Mark, you are right and I know 'Return-Path' should be exactly the
> same thing ..but I've noticed some strange behaviours in my quarantined
> mails.
> Some of them have in their headers -> [ Return-Path: <MAILER-DAEMON> ]
> This should be impossible because of my postfix
> 'reject_non_fqdn_sender'; if I test this sender manually (telnet) I can see:
> -- -- --
> 504 5.5.2 <MAILER-DAEMON>: Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified
> address
> -- -- --
> It's surely my fault ..but I couldn't understand why some quarantined
> messages have those Return-Path if that envelope sender are not
> permitted. In my /var/log/mail.log I cannot find any evidence of that
> 'weird sender'.

... Scratch ... ?:-/

I don't see any "Return-Path: <MAILER-DAEMON>" in our quarantined

Amavisd always places the Return-Path line at the top of a quarantined
message. Are you seeing the "Return-Path: <MAILER-DAEMON>" as the
first line, or somewhere later down in a quarantined message?
Btw, what type of quarantining do you use (one file per message,
one mbox file for all quarantined messages, sql, ...)?

If it is indeed the first line, I suggest to find the corresponding log entry
made by postfix to see what the MTA got as a sender address.

Amavisd does not turn a null sender address into a "MAILER-DAEMON".

The only exception is when quarantining to a unix mbox file
(one file for all quarantined messages), where the mbox separator
line would look like "From MAILER-DAEMON ...timestamp..." for a
null sender address, but this does not affect the Return-Path line.


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