'X-Envelope-From' missing in 2.7.0 ?

Amedeo Rinaldo bajodel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 00:55:59 CET 2012

Il 28/01/2012 13:45, Mark Martinec ha scritto:
> There is a Return-Path header field with exactly the same
> contents as X-Envelope-From had. The former is a standard
> header field for this purpose, the later was redundant.
>    Mark

Hi Mark, you are right and I know 'Return-Path' should be exactly the 
same thing ..but I've noticed some strange behaviours in my quarantined 
Some of them have in their headers -> [ Return-Path: <MAILER-DAEMON> ]
This should be impossible because of my postfix 
'reject_non_fqdn_sender'; if I test this sender manually (telnet) I can see:
-- -- --
504 5.5.2 <MAILER-DAEMON>: Sender address rejected: need fully-qualified 
-- -- --

It's surely my fault ..but I couldn't understand why some quarantined 
messages have those Return-Path if that envelope sender are not 
permitted. In my /var/log/mail.log I cannot find any evidence of that 
'weird sender'.


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