Disable RBL Checking

Cedric Knight cedric at gn.apc.org
Sun Dec 30 09:42:46 CET 2012

Hi Russell

On 30/12/12 05:21, R. Morris wrote:
> Hi,
> This may be a dumb question (and likely is, sorry!), but I haven't been
> able to figure out how to get it working, so ...

Well, I hope this isn't a dumb answer.  It does sound like a
SpamAssassin issue maybe best dealt with at users at spamassassin.apache.org.

> I have a working setup with Postfix + Amavis-new. Works quite well,
> except for one thing - if email goes through my backup MX (mail server),
> then it is flagged as spam (due to RBL checks). I can disable all
> checking based on this IP, but I really only want to disable RBL /
> DNSBL checks for this IP, and let the other checks proceed as usual.

Which RBL checks, and why is your backup MX on an RBL?  Maybe it's just
a list of dynamic or consumer IPs, but maybe it's associated with a
previous exploit.

> Is there an easy way to do this? I have tried changing the Spamassassin
> setting itself (both trusted networks and skip_rbl_checks), but neither
> one seems to work.

trusted_networks should work if you use it correctly.  If you really
want to disable RBL checks altogether, put the following line in your
amavis configuration (it has the same effect as skip_rbl_checks would if
you weren't using amavis):
   $sa_local_tests_only = 1;

But for the behaviour you want, in your SpamAssassin local.cf add two lines


replacing with the IPv4 address of the machine you don't want
checked for RBLs.  Then reload amavis.  This should mean the "last
external" RBL checks will be carried out for the address that connects
to your backup, and SA still scores on content and headers.

See "man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf" for more.



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