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R. Morris amavis at rkmorris.us
Sun Dec 30 16:11:55 CET 2012



First of all - thanks so much for the help! Much appreciated.
Some thoughts, below. 

1) I can ask at spamassassin, but it seems like
my spamassassin settings aren't being used. Does amavis somehow take
this over, or should the spamassassin settings really work? Sounds like
a dumb question I know, but I have tried changing the settings and they
don't seem to be used (and I'm restarting spamassassin and amavis both
... :-(). 

2) You are correct - it's because my IP is a dynamic IP,
provided by Verizion FIOS. They have added all their IP's to the
blacklist. I just have a backup mail server (at my brother's house),
that forwards email to me when my main server goes down. But I don't
want the email blocked just because it came from FIOS (in fact, one of
the failing RBL checks just says it's a Verizon IP, which I already know
... :-)). 

3) Sorry, just trying to understand your last comment (about
internal and trusted networks). Will the previous relays be checked,
just the last one is skipped? And can I use a machine name (FQDN), or do
I have to enter the IP address (it's dynamic, so name would be nice). I
will check the reference you mention, just not sure my spamassassin
settings are being used ... :-( 

Thanks again! 

... Russell 

2012-12-30 02:42, Cedric Knight wrote: 

> Hi Russell
> On 30/12/12
05:21, R. Morris wrote:
>> Hi, This may be a dumb question (and
likely is, sorry!), but I haven't been able to figure out how to get it
working, so ...
> Well, I hope this isn't a dumb answer. It does
sound like a
> SpamAssassin issue maybe best dealt with at
users at spamassassin.apache.org.
>> I have a working setup with Postfix
+ Amavis-new. Works quite well, except for one thing - if email goes
through my backup MX (mail server), then it is flagged as spam (due to
RBL checks). I can disable all checking based on this IP, but I really
only want to disable RBL / DNSBL checks for this IP, and let the other
checks proceed as usual.
> Which RBL checks, and why is your backup
MX on an RBL? Maybe it's just
> a list of dynamic or consumer IPs, but
maybe it's associated with a
> previous exploit.

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