amavis "fails to parse" 'uridnsbl_skip_domain ...' in spamassassin local config ?

Michael Scheidell michael.scheidell at
Fri Apr 6 17:47:51 CEST 2012

On 4/6/12 11:31 AM, locuse at wrote:
> as i mentioned above, this same config on a !amavis SA installation
> works just fine, with no parse error, and URIDNSBL working as expected.
> (1) how can i verify that this problem is/isn't an amavis issue?
> (2) if it is amavis, what can be done to fix it?
amavisd-new does not run as 'root' (or whatever user you used)

try this:

su - vscan -c 'spamassassin --lint'

(vsan being the default user amavisd-runs as)

and, no, its not an amavisd-new issue.  Might be a permissions/path issue.

grep uridnsbl_skip_domain /usr/local/etc/mail/spamassassin/*


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