amavis "fails to parse" 'uridnsbl_skip_domain ...' in spamassassin local config ?

locuse at locuse at
Fri Apr 6 19:02:17 CEST 2012


On Fri, Apr 6, 2012, at 11:47 AM, Michael Scheidell wrote:
> amavisd-new does not run as 'root'

yes, aware of that,

>  (or whatever user you used)
> try this:
> su - vscan -c 'spamassassin --lint'
> (vsan being the default user amavisd-runs as)

but it does run as what i used ...

egrep "daemon_user.*=|daemon_group.*=" /opt/zimbra/conf/amavisd.conf
  $daemon_user  = 'zimbra';     # (no default;  customary: vscan or
  $daemon_group = 'zimbra';     # (no default;  customary: vscan or

everything i'm checking *was* done running as the 'zimbra'' user.  i.e.,
the lint checks, amavisd restart logs, etc in my OP *were* already
exec'd as

  su - zimbra ...

in any case, for completeness here,

 $ su - zimbra -c '/opt/zimbra/zimbramon/bin/spamassassin --lint'

> and, no, its not an amavisd-new issue. 
> Might be a permissions/path issue.

i'm open-minded ... how might i specifically check or verify that?  if
it were a permissions issue, wouldn't one expect to see some *other*
indication of a problem with something else as well?  i.e., not just
with one line, in one config file, reported by one app?

> grep uridnsbl_skip_domain /usr/local/etc/mail/spamassassin/*
> /usr/local/etc/mail/spamassassin/ 

i'm not sure what that grep tells me.  are you requesting me to check
something?  can you please clarify?


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