Better antivirus (AV) protection?

Diego diego at
Wed Apr 6 23:14:21 CEST 2022

"Based on your experiences with similar setups, can you please suggest 
additional ways to provide high (or at least better) AV protection?"

IMHO there isn't better free protection, because sophos or bitdefender are not free anymore.

The sample you sent wasn't detected by my server's first layer scanning (clamav + a lot of free signatures), but it was by my second layer, a paid antivirus:

/A virus was found: Trojan.Loader.1017 Banned name: 
.exe,.exe-ms,REF0000301129930990211_04-2022.exe Scanner detecting a 
virus: Dr. Web Security Space Content type: Virus Internal reference 
code for the message is 28360-06/MvR2ELMHFzO3 /I bought Dr. Web Security Space for Workstations months ago, it is very cheap comparing with specific server solutions, but if you want a decent protection you will have to pay, maybe paid signatures for clamav or any commercial solution, sorry.

If you find any other option, please share with me.

Best regards.

Diego Palacios Soto
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