Better antivirus (AV) protection?

Benny Pedersen me at
Tue Apr 5 17:20:51 CEST 2022

On 2022-04-05 09:57, Nikolaos Milas wrote:

> Based on your experiences with similar setups, can you please suggest
> additional ways to provide high (or at least better) AV protection?
> add as much of that 3dr party 
signatures to clamav, disable decode in amavisd, its just additional 
work for amavis, less work for clamav, ensure clamav have unrar unpack 
supported, some distros disabled this :/

now more virus packed by rar have a free ride

check virus samples first on, if possitive hit there send 
the same sample to clamav false possitive to be added

for another scanner on linux i recommend bitdefender

i seldom see attached exe files by missing foxhole databases signature 
when i keeps 0days out of the bussiness in mail inbox

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