Better antivirus (AV) protection?

Nikolaos Milas nmilas at
Tue Apr 5 17:15:43 CEST 2022

On 5/4/2022 5:50 μ.μ., infoomatic wrote:

> I uploaded the sample, and voila:

Hmm, I am not sure if we can be 100% based on this portal's info. For 
example, it shows Avira as non-detecting, whereas I tested with Avira 
and it detected the virus as I already mentioned!

Yet, I would NOT be surprised by ClamAV not detecting it, but I would 
hope some third-party db (through ExtremeSHOCK) to catch it.

I did not try that though; I might, if I find some time slot! (It takes 
me time, because it's not in my regular routine.)


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