Amavisd-new policy banks and sasl_username in the returning smtpd instance

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Thu May 20 11:29:56 CEST 2021

Hi Damian, 

I think I have been confusing XCLIENT with XFORWARD. I saw, that Amavis
entered in different policy banks depending in the connecting ip to
Postfix and I though it was ... I don't distinguish between XFORWARD and
XCLIENT really :) 

I have been confusing concepts I assume... 

So, there is no way of receiving original sasl_username from Amavis, in
order to have it available using a Postfix policy in the returning back
from Amavis smtpd instance?. It would be valid for me too... if for

Postfix auth -> Amavis auth  -> Returning Postfix auth instance 

If in some manner amavis smtp feed, should had to auth always against
final returning smtpd instance being Amavis some sort of proxy in that

Any ideas about how could I achieve my goal? :) 



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El 2021-05-20 11:12, Damian escribió:

> Could perhaps be, that Amavis is not storing the XCLIENT variable LOGIN ( <>) in mail_via_smtp() where should handle LOGIN XCLIENT attribute?.
> Postfix can speak XFORWARD towards Amavis, and Amavis is able to interpret it. According to [1 [1]] there is no sasl-related attribute.
>> I'm sending mail traffic to Amavis, using XCLIENT extension
> I was not aware that Postfix smtp can speak XCLIENT, I only knew about smtpd via smtpd_authorized_xclient_hosts. How do you do that exactly? Also, I do not see any XCLIENT-related Amavis code.
> [1]

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