Bypass scanning based on recipient

Damian amavis at
Wed Apr 21 13:15:32 CEST 2021

> I understand I can do something like this for the entire domain, but
> is it even possible to do it for a single address in the domain?
> @spam_lovers_maps = ( [''] );
> @bypass_spam_checks_maps = ( [''] );

Yes. The example above uses one map that is an ACL, processed by lookup_acl:

> # If a list element contains a '@', the full e-mail address is compared,
> # otherwise if a list element has a leading dot, the domain name part is
> # matched only, and the domain as well as its subdomains can match. If 
> there
> # is no leading dot, the domain must match exactly (subdomains do not 
> match). 

Hence you can try 'user at'.

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