logwatch reporting Unmatched Entries

Michael Orlitzky michael at orlitzky.com
Wed Feb 13 17:40:47 CET 2019

On 2/12/19 1:58 PM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> This is a new, test, build on CentOS7, amavis-new 2.11.1
> every day I see the following in the logwatch report
> ...
> Are any of these something I should/could something about?

Logwatch is using the "logreporters" project,


to handle the amavisd-new and postfix logs. That project is dead
upstream as far as I can tell, but I've become kind of an unofficial
maintainer, since I keep the Gentoo package up-to-date. For example, my
amavis-logwatch patches are in the "files" directory under,


If you're willing to send me a sample of your logs off-list, I'll try to
come up with a patch that handles those unmatched entries. I'm hoping
that someday, someone who actually knows perl will pick up the
logreporters project again and can just merge my pile of patches.

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