Note on clamav 0.100 integration

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Wed Feb 6 21:51:40 CET 2019

I am working on CentOS7:

amavisd-new.noarch                      2.11.1-1.el7
clamav.armv7hl                              0.101.1-1.el7

I find the following in the amavis.conf:

   # NOTE: run clamd under the same user as amavisd - or run it under 
its own
   #   uid such as clamav, add user clamav to the amavis group, and then add
   #   AllowSupplementaryGroups to clamd.conf;
   # NOTE: match socket name (LocalSocket) in clamav.conf to the socket 
name in
   #   this entry; when running chrooted one may prefer a socket under 

checking /etc/clamd.d/scan.conf I see that the userid is clamscan. No 
biggie really, just smart to check.

And then I go researching AllowSupplementaryGroups and find:

"Deprecation of the AllowSupplementaryGroups parameter statement in 
clamd, clamav-milter, and freshclam. Use of supplementary is now in 
effect by default."

So just a note to people...

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