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On 16.04.19 11:31, Dino Edwards wrote:
>Anyone have any insight on this?

I can only guess it's utf-8 which needs to be enabled.

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>Subject: mysql error in amavis
>I've noticed the following errors on certain messages in mail.log:
>amavis[4270]: (04270-02) (!)WARN save_info_final: sql exec: err=1366, HY000, DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Incorrect string value: '\\xF0\\x9F\\x8E\\x89' for column 'subject' at row 1 at (eval 100) line 172
>After looking in the msgs table, I found a bunch of messages that have an empty subject as well as other empty fields. These are obviously the messages that amavis was not able to store in the MySQL database because of the above error.
>As far as I can tell, these are most likely messages with special characters in the subject line (emojis etc) that amavis is not able to store in the database.
>After some research, I have gathered that I most likely need to enable  4-Byte support in MySQL.
>I have a couple of questions:
>1.       Has anyone ran into a similar problem and what have they done to solve it
>2.       Would enabling 4-Byte support in MySQL affect amavis in any way?

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