amavis minimal db config for whitelist/blacklist

Dino Edwards dino.edwards at
Tue Apr 16 13:29:55 CEST 2019

This is what I have for the wblist lookup:

$sql_select_white_black_list =
  'SELECT wb FROM wblist,mailaddr,users'
  . ' WHERE ('
  . ' AND ('
  . ' AND ('
  . ' AND ( IN (%k))';
#  . ' ORDER BY mailaddr.priority DESC';

This is for the policy lookup:

$sql_select_policy = 'SELECT *, FROM users,policy'.
' WHERE ( AND ( IN (%k))';
' ORDER BY users.priority DESC';

And of course your   @lookup_sql_dsn  you posted below. I'm using MySQL so the queries might be a bit different. 

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I am using amavis with spamassassin and clamav for checking incoming mails. At the moment I am not using any database as I don't use any user specific settings but now I would like to enable the whitelist/blacklist feature of amavis so that the users can have their own whitelist/blacklist.

If I understand amavis sql documentation correctly all I need for that purpose is a lookup database with the mailaddr, users, wblist and policy tables as well as the following config:

  @lookup_sql_dsn =
   ([ 'DBI:Pg:database=mail_prefs', 'username', 'passowrd' ]);

is that it? or am I maybe missing something?

I will be using PostgreSQL as database and would like to keep the config minimal. For example I don't need custom policies just plain default.


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