perl-DBD-MySQL (Fedora 24)

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Wed Jan 3 19:15:58 CET 2018

Not sure, what's happening there. I can tell you on my end that those fields are float type also. What does your sql_select_policy look like? Mine looks like this:

$sql_select_policy = 'SELECT *, FROM users,policy'.
' WHERE ( AND ( IN (%k))';
' ORDER BY users.priority DESC';

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 From this question I've been able to do some more testing and can see what is going on.

Running the same query from on Fedora 26 (using perl-DBD-MySQL-4.037)  I 
can see it retrieve all the set values from the policy table correctly.

On Fedora 27 (using perl-DBD-MySQL-4.043) the query returns all the set 
values from the policy table except those of type float. I.e.


I've been through the release notes and the SQL readme files and I can't 
see a change for these fields.

Did I miss something?


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