Whitelist advice, correct way to minimize score

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please, if you are writing a new post, send it as new mail and not
as reply/followup on old mail. It makes people with threading clients
angry and they can also in such case miss your e-mail.
Thank you.

>I recently had to whitelist an IP that belongs to one of our machines
> (kaspersky center sending reports by e-mail), but I didn't know how to do
> that with amavis and did it with postfix instead.Is there an equivalent of
> 'whitelist_from_spf' for IPs ?  or does it accept an IP as argument ?

not for amavis, there is directive "trusted_networks" for spamassassin.
does the machine send messages to the world?
If so, you should add it to yout SPF record.

If it only sends mail to you, adding it to trusted_networks should be enough.

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