Keep X-Spam-... header lines when releasing message from quarantine?

listsb-amavis at listsb-amavis at
Wed Mar 29 04:35:36 CEST 2017

On Mar 28, 2017, at 22.27, Rich Wales <richw at> wrote:
>> Hello Rich,you can try if the following helps:
>> $remove_existing_spam_headers = undef;
>> $remove_existing_x_scanned_headers = undef;
> I added both of the above lines to /etc/amavisd/conf.d/50-user, and restarted the amavis service.
> However, this change appears to have had no effect.  I released a message from my spam quarantine, but when I examined the source of the message, none of the X-Spam-... lines were there.

# tagging levels
$sa_tag_level_deflt     = undef;    # add spam info headers if at or above that level
                                    # 'undef' means headers will always be added

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