Logging IP address in error logs

Dusan Obradovic dusan at euracks.net
Thu Jan 19 17:04:19 CET 2017

> On Jan 19, 2017, at 16:55, Martin Schmid <scm at aps-systems.ch> wrote:
> I accidently didn't reply to the list before, so here's a little summary:
> In general, my setup is working flawlessly with amavis as frontend and xmail as backend server. 
> Since amavis behaves as a kind of proxy, it also sends the error status codes from the real SMTP server to the client while connected. 
> There may be disadvantages exposing amavis but I'm pretty satified so far. 
> My goal would be to use fail2ban to automatically lock out ip adresses that cause some errors such ass dropping sessions without quit. 
> To accomplish this I would need to find the offending IP in the log. That's all I'm after.
> It seems that there is no option covering this. It seems that I have to patch the script.

Martin, the option you are looking for is $log_level, you need to increase amavisd verbosity to log all the information during the SMTP transaction.

At $log_level = 2, amavisd would log the connected smtp client ip address.
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