advice custom headers based on attachments

dani at dani at
Thu Apr 20 12:41:31 CEST 2017

Hello Markus,

thanks for your help.

If the email has an attachment with an extension of ".doc" or the type 
is "application/msword", the list may be increased in the future, I want 
to set the custom header.

Why am I doing this? The second filter only applies if found a header 
set by amavis according to clamd dlp scan. Clamd fails to detect some 
word (.doc) files that the second filter handles correctly.

Your solution seems pretty easy and I will check it out right now. It 
could be a useful workaround for my problem.

i'm still also interested in the custom check because It will be more 

Thanks a lot for your answer.



El 20.04.2017 12:07, Markus Clardy escribió:
> Are you looking for just if it has an attachment, or if it is a 
> specific type?
> If it is specific types, ban them, and set the Final destiny to pass.
> That way it gets through, regardless of it being banned. Banning adds
> a header saying that it was banned, and the reason for it being
> banned.
> If you set the final destiny to pass, then it will still get to your
> other content filter.
> Or are you looking to outright block certain attachment types, and
> then tag others?

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