advice custom headers based on attachments

dani at dani at
Thu Apr 20 11:53:22 CEST 2017

Hi list,

thanks for your time and advices.

I have a project filtering emails, chaining filters, first with amavis 
and clamd and after with a custom content_filter in postfix. The second 
filter depends on the headers set by amavis.

I have a use case when I need to set a custom header in the email if it 
contains certain kinds of attachments (extension, or type, or name, 
etc), lets say, if the email has a .doc file I amavis should set a new 
header Has-attachment: yes, for instance.

I would really appreciate your advices.

Is it doable with amavis? I'm using amavisd-new from Centos7: 

There is any amavisd package to query the list of attachments, types and 

Any documentation with examples will be great, I've seen 
amavisd-custom.conf, I think it could be the starting point.

any comments are welcome,

thanks again.


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