Virus scanners with amavis and fedora

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Sat Apr 15 09:07:57 CEST 2017

* Alex <mysqlstudent at>:
> Does anyone have a current list of virus scanners that work with the
> current version of amavis and fedora25? Of course clamav works, but
> are there others? Commercial?
> We've had some success with Sophos, but clamav+sane+malware is far
> better. I think we need a third to help with the Word macro viruses
> and PDF spam.

We've had success running all of the following ones:

- Avira Savapi
- Avast
- Sophos

We haven't checked all the other ones, but I recommend to also check the
security tribute you need to pay when you install them on your machine. One of
them - I don't recall which - required perl for scripts, tomcat for http (not
https), java and ruby and regular shell scripts. 

Our standpoint is: Software that delivers security, should not expose that
much attack surface. That's why it didn't make it in our catalogue.

Personally I believe Avira is among the best scanners I've seen so far.
Especially in combination with their APC (Avira Protection Cloud), which helps
to cover the all-present 10% "new malware" pattern based scanners don't know
about (yet).

Finally: We became and still are Avira partner because we believe the product
is worth selling it. You might want to keep that in mind when I speak about
it. I don't think I am biased, but I think you should know that for reasons of

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