Virus scanners with amavis and fedora

Alex mysqlstudent at
Fri Apr 14 21:06:20 CEST 2017


>> I'm interested in getting something like f-secure or another
>> commercial scanner working in conjunction with sophos and clamav.
>> I've
>> tried f-secure, and I can't get it configured properly.
> I've been using F-Secure for a number of years with amavisd-new, but on
>  Ubuntu.
> What specific problem are you having getting it configured?

The problem I was having was with configuring amavisd to communicate
properly with f-secure through the socket. The example setup in the
amavisd.conf doesn't work.

  ###  version 5.52
   ['F-Secure Antivirus for Linux servers',
    ['/opt/f-secure/fsav/bin/fsav', 'fsav'],
    '--virus-action1=report --archive=yes --auto=yes '.
    '--dumb=yes --list=no --mime=yes {}', [0], [3,4,6,8],
    qr/(?:infection|Infected|Suspected|Riskware): (.+)/m ],
    # NOTE: internal archive handling may be switched off by '--archive=no'
    #   to prevent fsav from exiting with status 9 on broken archives

The current version is more like 9.x, IIRC. I adjusted the paths, but
the fsav binary no longer supports those options, and there's no
documentation to determine what the options should be for it to listen
on the socket or properly communicate to scan the files it receives.

Their support forum is entirely unhelpful.


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