"No SMTP response to data-dot"-message and delivered the message like 10 times

Tilman Schmidt tschmidt at cardtech.de
Mon Apr 10 09:32:12 CEST 2017

On 07.04.2017 20:52, Michael Meier wrote:
> When sending the mail it seems as it slowly uses up to 150mb more than
> before. I noticed, that the load stays really high, even after
> thunderbird said that the message was sent (took several minutes). Then
> the load stays high for another few minutes until in the logfile I get
> the message:
> Apr  7 20:19:50 rmm amavis[9269]: (09269-01) Passed CLEAN
> {RelayedInbound}, []:52590 []
> <user at example.com> -> <user at example.com>, Queue-ID: B865B2E1987,
> Message-ID: <03f80e77-0a8b-6c63-e2e5-23c4d02bc404 at example.com>, mail_id:
> QWkNkUIuIFIu, Hits: -2.79, size: 15512628, queued_as: D90372E19B6, 323647 ms
> Then the cpu load drops immediately and I finally can get the sent mail
> over imap.

323647 ms are five minutes. Thas is much too long for processing a mail.
It causes the sender to time out and try again, resulting in the
behaviour you observe.

You should investigate what is causing that enormous delay. As a guess,
are you using ClamAV's non-daemonized command line, clamscan? That might
explain it. It is quite inefficient since it will load the entire
signature database into memory for every single mail only to drop it
afterwards. Try switching to clamd/clamdscan.

> I also tried to sent an other e-mail with a big attachment (10MB) =>
> same behaviour.

If it is the ClamAV problem then the size of the attachment will not
even matter because the time is consumed by clamscan before it even
starts scanning.


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