ClamAV via Amavis and logs?

Patrick Ben Koetter p at
Sat May 21 22:32:37 CEST 2016

* @lbutlr <kremels at>:
> I have amavisd running clamav, but nothing from clamav appears in any logs.
> The only thing I do see is lines like this:
> May 21 13:57:29 mail amavis[89288]: (89288-01) Passed SPAM {RelayedTaggedInbound,RelayedOpenRelay,Quarantined}, [] [] <eFlyer at> -> <*munged*>,<bcc*munged*>, quarantine: spam-HQ5gUZA4rXw5.gz, Message-ID: <20160521135753.53CC3BF.11E6B08 at>, mail_id: HQ5gUZA4rXw5, Hits: 12.244, size: 7392, queued_as: 3rBwZK26fmzpL6q/3rBwZK2BmyzpLTW, 4180 ms
> And an ever-expanding archive of quarantined emails in /var/virusemails/
> Is there anyway to enable some more logging? Should I be doing anything with the quarantine other than hanging on to the messages for a while in case something is an FP?

clamav has its own independent logging. You can control it in clamd.conf. None
of that makes it into amavis.

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