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Wed Mar 23 23:26:26 CET 2016

--On Wednesday, March 23, 2016 11:38 PM +0100 Patrick Ben Koetter 
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> @local_domains_maps serves to identify if a messages recipient is local.
> If you configure SQL or LDAP amavis looks up every recipient address in
> these backends automatically. If the address is found the recipient is
> considered local automatically.
> Is there any other use case you would need the domain for?

The general problem I'm having is with multiple domains and disclaimers. 
But your reply makes me think perhaps I can work around the problem I'm 
having.  Right now, $mydomains is empty because it can't handle multiple 
domains.  Then local_domains_maps becomes:


which treats /everything/ as a local domain.  When I then flip on the bit 
for adding disclaimers to non-local recipients, it never gets added, 
because all domains are considered local.  I think I'll try having it set 
to undef instead. ;)



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